Trollbeads At The Beach Festival

Dance Party and Bead Swap 

Saturday, March 30, 2019
107 Second Street

Lewes, Delaware 19958

Party time: 5:30pm - Close

​We will be hosting a Halloween Dance Party and Bead Swap (for those interested) on March 30, 2019! You must attend our Trollbeads at the Beach Festival Event on the same day at the Lewes Presbyterian Church to be able to attend the party on Saturday evening.  


Alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages and heavy appetizers will be served.  Even if you aren't interested in swapping, stop by for the dancing!  We had a blast at our last 80's Halloween dance party.  The music has not been selected yet, so feel free to give us your suggestions!!  In the past we have served gourmet pizza from Half Full and most recently had a "Make your own Taco bar", the cuisine is always delicious for our dance party!  Check out the video from one of our past parties. 

If you are interested in the Bead Swap, the guidelines are listed below.  
Bead Exchange Party Rules

All people interested in swapping beads will be given a name tag at the door so they stick out in the crowd! 
Determine what beads you are willing to trade

Additionally, you should think about the value of the beads ahead of time, that way you can ensure that you are happy with the trade.

No damaged beads shall be brought to the Exchange
Please only bring beads that you are willing to trade
Both parties must be satisfied with the trade for it to occur. No pressuring will be acceptable during the Exchange.

How to make a Trade 
Option 1

Both parties have an equal trade that they are willing to make (1 bead for 1 bead or 2 beads for 1 bead, etc.)

Option 2

One party has a bead that another party would like but they do not have something to trade for:
The person looking to purchase the bead can buy a gift certificate to Blooming Boutique for the value of the bead. This person gives the gift certificate to the person trading the bead and they are able to use the gift certificate to purchase anything in Blooming Boutique’s.  
The Blooming Boutique Gift certificate can be used for anything in the store, (Trollbeads, Artisan Beads, Clothing, etc.) and NEVER expires.


No cash shall be exchanged for “trading” beads
You are responsible for properly representing the beads that you are willing to trade
Each person is responsible for their own beads during the Exchange.
Blooming Boutique is not responsible for the outcome of any trades.
Must attend Saturday Trollbeads Event to attend the party

Testimonial from our first bead exchange party:

I really enjoyed the swap that Blooming Boutique held at last year's TBATB.  Hope they do it again.  It was a added bonus to the main event, more TrollBeads! Yay! I brought a few beads that I wanted to swap and was excited to meet other collectors who were also interested in trading beads. It was fun and now I am enjoying my new to me, preloved beads!  I'm looking forward to TBATB, so come to the event, bring the beads that just sit in your box and we'll swap!

--Anonymous, Annapolis, MD