Louise Rimpler has since 1990 been a tattoo artist in the inner city of Copenhagen. She is best known for her colorful cartoon style and is the most awarded female tattoo artist in Denmark.

​Originally she wanted to be an animator but then she got tattooed and this fascinated her deeply. People are an exciting canvas! “My life and mind are filled with wonderful experiences and personalities through my work as a tattoo artist.

​I give my customers colourful symbols that tell the story of times and places in their lives, even when they get tattooed by purely aesthetic reasons. One by one, they go through a painful process in my hands, and I feel privileged to have seen them animate my drawings. Now I would like to invite everybody to painlessly step into my drawn universe. With scalpel and tattoo needles I carve and design in wax, making creatures and symbols come to life. It's so fun, pure magic, and I've only just begun ...” 

​Lise Aagaard, Trollbeads Founder

Louise Rimpler, Trollbeads Designer

​​We were so excited when Lise Aagaard, the founder of Trollbeads attended our Trollbeads at the Beach Festival in October 2016!  Lise has designed countless glass beads for the Trollbeads line.  She did a fabulous presentation on Unique Glass Trollbeads at the main event on Saturday and took photos & mingled with guests at the Lewes Presbyterian Church.  Collectors had a great time meeting Lise in person and we hope that she will be able to visit again in the future!

From Lise "Being from a family of jewelers, I have had the lifelong privilege of being immersed in a constant learning environment of art, form, and material. Always facing the possibilities and boundaries of innovation from a professional point-of-view. I can honestly say that I am inspired by anything and everything. Diversity ignites my curiosity in life as well as in the worlds of metal, precious stones, pearls, amber, and glass. I am deeply grateful for having had the opportunity to touch people from all over the world through my work."

Nicholas stefansen,

Former Trollbeads WHSe Director

Gail Crosman Moore, Trollbeads’ US Designer, is an award winning multi-disciplinary artist that brings many years of arts education, both as teacher and student. Her B.F.A. from Mass College of Art was in the Art Education discipline, which is to say she was able to pursue any/all media.

Intrigued and stimulated by so many things to include; surface, form, color and texture that can be readily interpreted through a myriad of materials paired with a lifelong obsession with the ‘Pod Form’ work together as inspiration and a recipe for a ‘job’ never completed. From concept to execution to trade shows and classrooms, the artist and teacher lie at the core.Gail Crosman Moore’s work has been recognized and awarded through publication in many trade magazines, including: Ornament, Beadwork, Bead and Button, Lamagga, and in several books on various subjects, including her work in Felt, Glass, Metal and Paper. Gail has won awards that include Saul Bell, 2009, an A.R.T. Grant and invitations to teach abroad which include trips to Japan, Switzerland, Netherlands, Denmark, Canada and Great Britain.

Some of Louise's designs include:

Having been with Trollbeads for several years, Nicholas is a passionate expert who enjoys a good conversation with any Trollbeads customer.  He used to work at the global head office in Denmark before taking the position at the US subsidiary in Princeton in 2013.

"Trollbeads is truly a part of my own identity, and to me there are few greater feelings in this world than the one I get when I experience first-hand how meaningful our jewelry is to so many people across the globe."

Nicholas has attended many past Trollbeads at the Beach festivals in which he has helped customers find their perfect beads as well as taught them about the many designs of the fantasy necklace! 

Gail Crosman Moore,

Trollbeads Designer

Trollbeads At The Beach Festival

As the oldest son of Trollbeads founders Lise and Peter Aagaard, Robin grew up with the brand throughout his life and even helped establish the Princeton, New Jersey office he’s set to take over. On his agenda is to re-infuse some of the brand’s Danish heritage into the North America office.

Founded in 1976 Copenhagen, various members the Aagaard family worked to create fashionable silver beads, each featuring six faces. Since then, the family has expanded the brand with innovations like the introduction of glass beads.

Robin is no stranger to the North American market, either—he played a key role in establishing Trollbeads United States in its inception in 2011.

Robin has attended many Trollbeads at the Beach festivals and has provided great insight in his presentations on the future of Trollbeads. 

Robin Aagaard, US CEO of Trollbeads